Stakeholder Feedback Collection and Effective Usage

We know administrators have to be proficient in reading minds. But sometimes (alwasy?) we need more than that to get a thorough perspective of what our school community is thinking. That’s where systemized stakeholder feedback comes in. ICAA requires stakeholder surveys each year, and in this session we will talk about why. We will also discuss what to do with all that feedback – how to distill it into usable information that helps inform our decisions. At the end, we will provide sample surveys that you can use or modify for your school.

Related ICAA Assurance or Standard:

  • Foundational Requirement – Annual Stakeholder Surveys
  • Leadership Capacity 1.10

Pre-session Task: Brainstorm a list of stakeholder groups you could survey and what information would be beneficial to know from each.

This is a virtual event through Zoom. Event times are listed in CST.

  • Cost: Free for ICAA Schools
  • Date 01/21/2025 - 01/21/2025
  • Time 12:30 PM - 02:30 PM
  • Vanue Zoom Link Provided Upon Registration
  • Phone (918)493-8880