The Document Framework Series is designed for those leading their schools through the accreditation process. Each session will look at one of five critical elements for a successful school. We hope you will join us!

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Registration opens July 15, 2024.

Having a written, up-to-date, and thorough Crisis Management Plan is a critical element of a safe school. Equally important is the training and implementation process. Come learn about what should be included in your Crisis Management Plan, who should be involved in the development and review processes, and how to ensure effective use of the plan.

Related ICAA Assurance or Standard:

  • Assurance 9 – Security/Safety
  • Foundational Requirement – Policies & Procedures Manuals

Pre-session Task: Create or update your floor plan with evacuation routes.

How do you create a school-wide learning plan that is cohesive, has no gaps, and ensures students are ready for their next levels of education? Best practice tells us that curriculum mapping is the way to go, and ICAA requires this as part of the continuous improvement process. In this session, we will talk through how to get started on a curriculum map, how to implement it, and how to ensure its ongoing effectiveness.

Related ICAA Assurance or Standard:

  • Foundational Requirement – Curriculum Mapping
  • Learning Capacity 2.5
  • Learning Capacity 2.6

Pre-session Task: Create or update your comprehensive list of curriculum.

They’re required, but evaluations can feel overwhelming for both administrators and faculty/staff. Administrators, because they are a lot of work in the midst of a lot of other work. And faculty/staff, because…do we even have to state the obvious? Done correctly, though, evaluations can be one of the most powerful things a school does. Come learn the whys and hows of a great faculty/staff evaluation program, what is required for ICAA, and how this daunting topic can become one of your favorites.

Related ICAA Assurance or Standard:

  • Foundational Requirement – Policy & Procedures Manuals
  • Foundational Requirement – Human Resources Policies & Procedures
  • Foundational Requirement – Staff Records
  • Assurance 3 – Spiritual Growth – School Personnel
  • Leadership Capacity 1.6
  • Resource Capacity 3.1

Pre-session Task: Create or update a full list of positions at your school. Group them into Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Auxiliary, then list the position that oversees each one.

We know administrators have to be proficient in reading minds. But sometimes (usually?) we need more than that to get a thorough perspective of what our school community is thinking. That’s where systemized stakeholder feedback comes in. ICAA requires stakeholder surveys each year, and in this session we will talk about why. We will also discuss what to do with all that feedback – how to distill it into usable information that helps inform our decisions. At the end, we will provide sample surveys that you can use or modify for your school.

Related ICAA Assurance or Standard:

  • Foundational Requirement – Annual Stakeholder Surveys
  • Leadership Capacity 1.10

Pre-session Task: Brainstorm a list of stakeholder groups you could survey and what information would be beneficial to know from each.

When you start talking about a Christian Philosophy of Education, it could get deep quick. It is philosophy, after all. But don’t let that scare you. It really is just about knowing and writing down why God has called your school to do what you do in the way you do it. What is the underlying structure that pulls it all together? In this session we will talk about the elements that should be included in your Christian Philosophy of Education and how this document can then shape the culture of your school.

Related ICAA Assurance or Standard:

  • Assurance 2 – Testimony of Faith – School Governing Authorities, School Personnel
  • Cultural Context 1.2
  • Cultural Context 1.5

Pre-session Task: Begin praying and freewriting what you believe about education from a biblical perspective. If you get stuck, ask “why does that matter” three times until you get to the root.