Recognitions / Approvals in the United States

The ICAA process, including principles, procedures, and standards of accreditation is widely accepted as an accreditation process that assists Christian schools in achieving excellence, assuring quality, and fostering improvement consistent with the school’s mission. ICAA Accredited status is recognized as representing an assurance that an accredited Christian school is meeting standards of quality and excellence. Though some states have no provision to recognize private school accrediting associations, ICAA accreditation is directly recognized by the following states. The ICAA Executive Director serves on the Commission/Board of the respective organization, with the exception of ANSAA, in the state that recognizes/approves accreditation of private schools:



Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association.


Georgia Private School Accreditation Council.


Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission.



Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission.


Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.


Virginia Council for Private Education.

Other States

ICAA accreditation is also directly recognized/approved in the following states that do not have a separate organization tasked with the responsibility for the approval of private school accreditation: