Our Purpose

ICAA is dedicated to advancing the cause of Christian education through an accreditation process that effects quality education and continuous improvement in a school within the context of its Christian mission and establishes a reliable witness to the quality of education to the glory of God.

Who We Are

The International Christian Accrediting Association (ICAA) is an accrediting association serving Christian schools with early childhood, elementary, and/or secondary ages/grades and is dedicated to advancing the cause of Christian education both in the United States and internationally. ICAA has established a quality accreditation process and standards that will guide a school to achieve and maintain a high level of educational quality within the context of a strong Christian culture and identity that is recognized and accepted by appropriate authorities, other schools, education policy makers, families and other stakeholders within the context of a strong Christian culture and identity. By recognizing outstanding Christian programs and involving them in its accreditation process, ICAA is an accrediting body that establishes a reliable witness of the quality of Christian school education to the glory of God.

Our History

In 1985, over thirty Christian schools that were members of the Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship (ORUEF) initiated a pilot program of accreditation. Two years were spent in the project with twelve schools achieving accredited status in 1987. This resulted in the formation of ICAA as an accrediting association committed to serving Christian schools in the United States and around the world.

In 1990, ICAA filed for status as a separate, nonprofit corporation and was granted IRS status as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation that same year. Direction and ownership of ICAA rests with the Accredited schools of the association, which have empowered a Board of Directors to oversee the legal and business operations of the accrediting association.

ICAA has developed a reputation among Christian, private and public schools and universities as well as other education communities as a quality accrediting association. ICAA accreditation is directly recognized by many states in the USA and in a number of other countries. In addition, ICAA maintains a partnership with Cognia.Through this partnership, an ICAA-accredited school can also gain accreditation byCognia without having to complete an additional accreditation process.