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2016 ORUEF/ICAA Tulsa, Oklahoma Conferences


ICAA Hearings and Business Meeting: Monday- MTMTuesday, June 27-28 

Monday Required Attendance: All Schools in probation, candidate, or pre-candidate status must have one representative present. New (applicant and pre-candidate) schools are strongly encouraged to attend.                                                                                                                Tuesday Required Attendance: At least one representative from each school must attend. 


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ORUEF International Educator’s Conference: Wednesday, June 29

 Join ORUEF for an exciting day filled opportunities to earn continuing education units (CEU’s), fellowship with like-minded teachers and administrators from all over the world, and hear from outstanding experts within Christian education.


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 ICAA TMAccreditation Training: Thursday, June, 30

Attend the ICAA Accreditation Training if your school is new to ICAA, has an upcoming site visit, or if you want a refresher on ICAA policies, standards and steps to school improvements. This in-depth training will prepare you with valuable the tools that will benefit your school, faculty and students.


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Marriott Hotel InfHIormation 

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