International Christian Accrediting Association

My school has applied for ICAA accreditation. Now what?

Once a school submits all the required forms/documents and required dues/fees to the ICAA office to begin the accreditation process, the forms/documents are reviewed by ICAA officials.  If the school is accepted into the ICAA accreditation process and the forms/documents indicate initial requirements have been met, the school is moved from Applicant to Pre-Candidate status level and ICAA assigns an ICAA representative to serve as the ICAA Chairperson for the school who will provide counsel and guidance to the school as it progresses through the ICAA accreditation process.  At Pre-Candidate status level, the school’s primary task is the completion of the ICAA Readiness for Accreditation document. (See Pre-Candidate Status page.)

If the school is not accepted into the ICAA accreditation process, the school is notified and appropriate payment refunds are made.