International Christian Accrediting Association

How long does it take a school to become accredited once it begins the process?

The average time it takes a school to reach Accredited status once it begins the process is 2-3 years.  Once a school completes the ICAA Readiness for Accreditation document and discusses it with the school’s assigned ICAA Chairperson, it will be able to establish, in collaboration with its Chairperson, a much more definitive timetable with regard to when it should anticipate reaching Accredited status.

For schools that are already accredited by an accrediting association recognized by ICAA, ICAA has an accelerated accreditation option that may apply.  It is possible for schools on the accelerated option to reach Accredited status in a year or less, depending on the school and the association with which it is accredited.  A school that feels it may be eligible for the accelerated option should contact the ICAA Executive Director, Dr. Donnie Peal at 918.493.8880 or [email protected].