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Christian Honor Student Association


All member schools of ORUEF are eligible to participate in the Christian Honor Student Association (CHSA) program. Each ORUEF school is encouraged to recognize the participants in its Christian Honor Student Association and to find ways of promoting the association within the school. Any member school, or any individual student participant, may be subject to a periodic review process to maintain the standards and ideals of the CHSA program.


1.   The National ORUEF Christian Honor Student Association will recognize and award each honor student member with a certificate, a CHSA lapel pin (for new members only), and a special diploma seal for graduating seniors.  

2.   Each year ORUEF schools have the opportunity to participate in a Theme Project. Completed Theme Project Annual Reports will be submitted to the ORUEF office, judged, and then presented for viewing at the ORUEF Annual Awards Banquet. Every participating school will be recognized. The schools that place first, second, and third will be awarded with a plaque or a certificate at the ORUEF Annual Awards Banquet.


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