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Accreditation Process

ICAA seeks to be evaluative and educative. In the evaluation process, the Association has established standards and criteria by which it reviews its membership and determines their advancement to different status levels of accreditation. In the educative process, ICAA has provided materials, workshops, seminars, and access to Christian professional educators to assist each school in the development of quality Christian educational programs.

The International Christian Accrediting Association is dedicated to advancing the cause of Christian education in our nation and abroad. By recognizing outstanding Christian programs and involving them in its accreditation process, ICAA seeks to develop into an accrediting body that establishes a reliable witness of the strength of Christian education to the glory of God.

A Few Benefits of Accreditation:

  • Involvement in an international organization assisting Christian schools and establishing standards of performance and credibility in Christian education.
  • Guidance and direction in a self-study and evaluation process to strengthen and improve your school assisted by professional Christian educators and representatives from peer schools.
  • An external witness to your community and the parents of your students as to the level of quality and professionalism of your school.
  • An indication to other schools, colleges, and educational interest groups of your commitment to standards and acceptance by some businesses, industries, and foundations of your status for matching grants and funds.

Initiating the Accreditation Process:

In order for a Christian school to begin the ICAA accreditation process, it must take the following steps:

  • Be a member in good standing with the Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship, including the payment of membership fees. If your school is not currently a member, you will need to complete an ORUEF application form and submit it with the ORUEF membership fee.
  • Contact the ICAA office in Tulsa or call (918) 493-8880 if you have any questions about completing the following accreditation application forms or if you have any questions you would like to discuss with the Executive Director.