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Fees and Expenses

ORUEF membership dues, must be paid in full before application is made to the ICAA accreditation program. ORUEF membership in good standing, required for on-going participation in ICAA, requires the timely payment of annual ORUEF membership dues.

The following ICAA fees and expenses are required to participate in the accreditation program.


  • ICAA Application Fee – $250.00

Pre-Candidate for Accreditation

  • Annual Accreditation Fee – $1050.00
  • Pre-Candidate Readiness Visit Fee – $300.00

Candidate for Accreditation

  • Annual Accreditation Fee – $1050.00
  • Candidate QAR Visit Fee – $400.00


  • Annual Accreditation Fee – $1050.00
  • Re-Evaluation Accreditation Fee – $400.00 (Every five years – accredited schools only)


  • expenses for the Site Visit Committee: transportation, meals, and lodging.
  • State Fees (annually) (AR, CO, GA, KY, MN, NC, OK, TX) – $200; (VA) – $300

The ICAA Annual Accreditation Fee is separate from ORUEF membership dues. Those schools who desire to maintain their current status level must pay their ICAA Annual Accreditation Fee IN ADDITION to the ORUEF membership dues.